Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The latest version of the Adventure Princess Calendar for 2007-2008 can be viewed here.

If you plan on going camping on October 19th-21st?

Camp Attendance
  1. If you plan to attend the Fall "Base" Camp at Camp Conrad Weiser in Wernersville, PA on October 19th, please reply to this email ASAP with your name and the number of princesses who will be joining you.
  2. Camp dues are $200 per Dad & Daughter, plus $75 for each additional daughter.
  3. Let the group know if you plan to bring food so we can coordinate condiments, dinner/silverware, meats, etc.
  1. Vests are a great way to show your adventures with the Rainmakers, you can pick up a vest kit Tandy Leather Product id 4649-12. Use glue for patches purchased at the various camps . Old guys teach the new guys....
Review the Calendar
  1. We will brainstorm some great activities to fill in the gaps left as "circle meeting" in the calendar (<-- Click here). Note also the suggested timing for next camp on February 29-March 02.
Join Us on Sunday
  1. So far, I am expecting Rich V., Jeff M., Simon H., Peter J., Anthony G. at my house at 1:00PM
  2. Mike MacIntyre and Ashley will not be able to attend
  3. All are welcome to come over, time permitting but please send your money in ASAP either way.
Thank you

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Getting around at winter camp

DSC00206, originally uploaded by abbynormal2006.

...is not easy when you can go to all these fun activities.

10:00PM Meeting

DSC00199, originally uploaded by abbynormal2006.

...of the minds.

Welcome Rainmakers

(formerly known as Senave, Seneca and Mojave).